What’s going on with me?

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This is going to be a bit of a braindump I think:

I bought a Kenmore sewing machine from Goodwill, back when we were still living in Phoenix. I never got around to using it then, and it made it’s way to StL, staying unused. I also bought a few sewing how to books. I recently took it to get it checked out and oiled, and it is working A-OK. I am trying it out, so we shall see where it goes. (gee, why does that seem to be a recurring theme in my life?) Somehow, I see myself creating stuff that Seph and myself would wear and enjoy more sewing rather than knitting or crochet, two other fiber arts I’ve tried learning within the past year or so.

I’ve been reading a lot of the Grantville Gazettes recently. I subscribed on the site early in January, and am currently up to volume XVII. I enjoy this alternate history.
Comics… not so much. I have trimmed down quite a bit, and really should trim more. I am really not that interested in much that DC is doing lately. Though they are in a bit of holding pattern since Doomsday Clock was actually supposed to be finished already, and that is supposed to rewrite the status quo of the DC Multiverse, yet again… (another link to Doomsday Clock: https://www.comics.org/series/118800/ ) but it got majorly delayed… The one somewhat hopeful thing is that it may bring back the Legion of Super-Heroes… though with the way Dan Didio has been treating DC, I’m really not sure if this is a good thing…

Ingress, I enjoyed the animation series on Netflix! I am getting a bit more involved with the local players again. (I am Enlightened faction. Mostly because I always said that in the original Independence Day movie, I would have been one of the people on the roofs of buildings, welciming the aliens and getting killed in the process.

I am also helping out with the Saint Louis Pen Show.

I need to think about and schedule time off from work. I have 20 vacation days that I need to use.

Heading to sleep, sweet dreams alles. I will probably blather on some more tomorrow.


Alien Languages

OK, this is a bit of a random rant:

For all the Science Fiction / Fantasy authors, who are creating alien species / words for readers of English, please do not use the letter C by itself in the name / word. In English, it does not have a sound unique to it. It is either K as in cop, or S as in ceiling.

The specific race that has brought this to my annoyed attention is the Caeliar from the Star Trek: Destiny crossover series. (Yes, I am reading a ‘miniseries’ of books that came out in 2008 for the first time in 2018…)

I can not settle on if I should be pronouncing this species name as Kayliar or Seeliar. And what is the most annoying part? We are first introduced to their demonym by their own speech. The Caeliar scientist meets the captain of the NX-02 Columbia, and says that his people are the Caeliar, and that the humans can use the same form as either a singular or plural noun, or as an adjective… This is in VOCAL SPEECH. It should be rendered phonetically!
There is no way I would hear something and spell it out as Caeliar.

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